Why You Should See a Therapist in Your 20s

Guess what: the twenties are actually one of the hardest decades of our lives. Surprising, right? We think the years between college and marriage are supposed to be carefree and easy, as we’ve got our youth, freedom, and few commitments. We’ve got tons of room to experiement and our whole lives ahead of us — so what could possibly be wrong? But ask any millennial and we’ll tell you: the period of “emerging adulthood” is NOT all fun and games. Quite the contrary: this decade often brings angst, fear, uncertainty, and instability. Sound familiar?

If any of this sounds resonates with you, allow me to pitch an old-fashioned solution to your woes: therapy. Find my top four reasons why your twenties are actually the best time to go to therapy here, on my Medium blog.

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Rena Staub Fisher