THERAPY FROM STRENGTH. For years, psychotherapy has been stigmatized as something we need when something is "wrong" with. Here's the truth: we ALL benefit from having a safe and private space in which we can share, process, and examine our innermost fears, anxieties, hopes, and dreams -- regardless of our cultural background, gender identity, or ability to pay. 

Therapy works best when it’s a collaborative process, thriving on mutual trust and openness between therapist and client. I don’t believe in practicing from a distance — I bring my real self into the room in an accessible way. With an emphasis on inclusivity, anyone that comes through my door can expect me to be warm, honest, supportive and direct.

THERAPY FOR A NEW GENERATION. Too often, I hear people say that therapy is "stale," "backward-looking," and "ineffective" in making change in our increasingly complex modern world.  People spend years of their lives in therapy, spending their weekly appointment recapping their weekly activities, without ever discovering their core struggles. With me, you will move forward in your life -- quickly. Expect to see results. You will feel better, calmer, more confident, and more resilient.