"Talking with Rena has always left me with a new perspective - not just on the issue we are discussing, but also on my emotional response to that issue.  Because of her empathy in those discussions, I was able to learn emotional tools to address challenges - not least of which was self-forgiveness.  Rena has clearly thought a lot about functional approaches to taking care of one's emotional health, and I am deeply fortunate to have her support and assistance in my life."

"Rena is incredibly perceptive, patient, and compassionate. I always find myself at ease in her presence. Rena has helped me face a myriad of fears and challenges, and through it all, she has listened intently, asked meaningful questions, respected my vulnerabilities and shown genuine care and kindness."

"Rena is an insightful, active listener. She has a rare gift of being supportive while still kindly direct and honest. I found her invaluable when making a major life transition."

“Rena is an empathic listener who always seems to know the right words to say. She is skilled at understanding complex dynamics and providing just the right amount of advice to be the best you possible.”